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  • Tablet or smartphone based software for rapid surveys of buildings and assets.

    Easy to use, simple “point and click” approach to measuring all types of commercial buildings/premises.

  • Suitable for any size of surveying operation, large or small.

    It’s also simple to use with minimal training required.

  • Manage your assets and buildings from anywhere

    Using The Cloud, anywhere with Internet access can be used to run Energy Eye software.

  • Tried and tested software with more than 100,000 surveys completed.

    Customers have managed to obtain substantial business rate refunds by submitting our detailed plans.

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Detailed energy surveys used to be time consuming & complex

If you are a Contractor, Surveyor, M&E Consultant, Energy Manager, or you operate in the lighting, solar PV or Facilities Management businesses, Energy Eye could prove to be a life saver and the best investment that you will ever make.

Proven in it’s field!

To date, Energy Eye software has been used to complete over 100,000 surveys!

Reduce survey time by half!

Using Energy Eye to complete your usual manual surveying tasks, on average, will save you up to 50% in time alone.

Unlimited surveys!

Unlike some other leading survey software, Energy Eye doesn’t require you to pay a fee per survey.

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